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Patent and Prototype services to guide you through the complex process of innovation and to help you commercialise your invention or idea.

We offer a flexible, cost effective approach to the successful protection and development of new products and inventions. There are two principal routes to making money out of a new product: you can licence the idea to another company in return for a royalty or you can start a business around your idea. Both routes involve risk - and there is no guarantee of success.

However, to minimise that risk without costing the earth there are two key tasks that you can undertake: to patent your idea and to develop a working prototype. These steps can be taken before you make a substantial financial commitment.

The team at Patent Plan have many years’ experience in early stage innovation development and can offer a standard of service that is usually only enjoyed by large organisations.

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Patent Plan Inventor Package

> Free initial consultation

> Free exploitation advice

> Free cursory search to check your invention is new before incurring any costs

> Patent application drafted and filed for around 695

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